13 Things to know about Bed Skirt

13 things to know about bed skirt

13 Things to know about Bed Skirt

Before discussing 13 things to know about bed skirt , let us first know what is bed skirt and why they are needed. As we all know that are no limit for the things that a buyer or customer should know about bed skirt  like the need of bed skirt , benefits , and kinds of bed skirt.

But in this article we have specifically provided 13 things to know about bed skirt or should i say 13 the most important and most asked things about bed skirt we have discussed here.

  • What is a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt, Dust ruffle or Valance is a piece of decorative material that’s placed under a mattress above box spring to hide the box springs or bedposts.
They’re made of a skirt and a deck, also named as platform, which is the flat piece of fabric that falls between the mattress and the box spring.

They are usually be three-sided, meaning the skirt shows on the two long sides and slimmer foot portion of the bed. Or they can be four-sided, with the skirt falling on all sides. Four-sided bed skirts are necessary only if the bed configuration in the room exposes the head of the bed.

  • What are bed skirts used for?

– for giving stylish look to a bed without exposing the sides of box spring.
– To hide box springs and under storage
– To reduce the dust directly beneath the bed
– and so reducing dust mites

  • Do I need a bed skirt?

 When faced with the task of picking bedding for your home, more and more people are ignoring the bed skirt. It’s easy to make the statement that these accessories are old fashioned and unnecessary, but did you know that bed skirts, also called dust ruffles, actually serve a purpose?

If you’re decorating your house and wondering whether you really need a dust ruffle, chances are that you simply haven’t found the right one yet. Browse our extensive collection of bed skirts online and get a sense of how nice your home will look once you’ve added this finishing touch to every bedroom.

  • What size to buy?

As there are standard size of beds, all bed skirts come in standard sizes. so we can choose the bed skirt in the size of bed we have. Standard bed sizes are California King, King, Olympic Queen, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin XL.
But few of us might have non standard size bed. Then how and where to get the bed skirt for non standard size? Scroll down to read more.

            If you looking to buy beds, you can visit any of these stores and compare their prices – Amazon, HomeLivingStyle, Burke or UrbanGreen

  • How much drop length bed skirt to buy?

Majority of bed skirts are made with 15″ drop measured from top of box spring to the floor. But custom drop bed skirts are also available here.

Just visit out bedskirts at Linens’n’Curtains, choose bedskirt as per your taste and select any drop length you want, available from 5″ drop to 40″ drop bedskirts

  • Type of Bed Skirts –

1. The type that is adjoined to a flat fabric that is placed between the mattress and box springs called regular bed skirts
2. and the type that attaches to the platform by the use of snap strips or hook and loop fasteners (Velcro). called detachable bed skirts.
3. Other bed skirts coming in the market are elastic bed skirts and wrap around bed skirts. Buyers need to buy bedskirt pins separately to fix elastic bedskirts and wrap around bedskirts. Where and how many bedskirt pins should i buy?

  • How to Put a Bed Skirt on Bed?

Its very simple and usually can be done by one person. But if your mattress are heavy, you need to take help from other for lifting and positioning the bed skirt. Remove your bedding and mattress from the box spring. Set them aside. Put on the bed skirt and adjust it carefully so corners and edges fits properly. Now place the mattress back on the box spring. That’s it.

  • Bed Skirt Patterns –

* Straight & Corner Pleat Bed Skirt
* Corner & Center Pleat Tailored Bed skirt
* Multi-Pleated Tailored Bed Skirt
* Gathered Bed Skirt
* Layered Bed Skirt
* Trim Bed Skirt
* Lace Bed Skirt
* Fringe Bed Skirt
* Fuller Bed Skirt
* Swag Bed Skirt
* Eyelet Bed Skirt
* Embellished Bed Skirt
* Velcro Bed Skirts

  • Why do you need Velcro Detachable Bed Skirts –

Velcro Detachable Bed skirt can be easily removed and put on without lifting your mattress. It attaches with Velcro to a special dust ruffle platform that fits over your box spring under mattress. Detachable bed skirt easily attaches and detaches with Velcro, taking all the work out of laundering your bed skirt. and Make the life easier.

Or Should I go for elastic or wrap around bedskirts? Yes you can surely opt these bedskirts. Benefit is – you do not need to move mattress to use these. Only thing is you need to order bedskirt pins separately. You can select elastic bedskirt or wrap around bedskirt from options while buying. Tailored bedskirt will come only in wrap around as elastic create ruffles in box pleat.

  • Tips for Buying Bed skirts

* Check your bed size – is it any standard size? or non standard size?
* Measure your drop length. You can measure it from top of box spring (under the mattress) to the floor. Is it 15″ or any other size?
* Decide color of bed skirt? Do you want light or dark color? Do you want decent or bright color? Solid, striped or floral?
* What pattern do you want?
* Which fabric will you prefer? Cotton, Voile, Tulle, Faux Silk, Chiffon which fabric you want.
* Do you have poster bed or canopy bed? Then you need split corner bed skirt
* Did you raise your head board few inches as compared to foot board, then you need completely customized bed skirt
* Is your bed adjustable hospital bed? you need Customized velcro detachable bedskirts for such beds.
* For day bed you need day bed size split corner skirt.
* Is your bed round bed?

  • Do you need Custom Bed Skirts?

* For non standard size, you need to order custom size bed skirt
* Is your bed Low profile? You need Short Drop Bed skirt
* Is Your Bed High? You need Extra Long Bed Skirt
* Do you want any specific color?
* Do you want any specific pattern you seen anywhere?
* Cotton, Voile, Tulle, Faux Silk, Chiffon which fabric you want.
* For poster bed or canopy bed, you need split corner bed skirt
* Did you raise your head board few inches as compared to foot board, then you need completely customized bed skirt
* For adjustable hospital bed, you need Customized velcro detachable bed skirts for such beds.
* For day bed you need day bed size split corner skirt.
* Is your bed round bed?
* Do you wash bed skirts without moving mattress, then go for velcro detachable bed skirts.
* 4 Sided bed skirt

  • Where will you find these custom bed skirts –

You can find any of these above customized bed skirts at our store Linens’n’Curtains. You can write to us to get your customized order done.

  • Bed Skirt Alternative –

If you do not like bed skirts, you can go for bedspreads. Bed Spread is a decorative extra large flat sheet which covers all three sides of bed. Most popular bedspread patterns are waterfall ruffle bed spreads. These can be done in custom size based on your mattress width and drop length.

You can also buy Fitted Valance Sheets which goes over mattress with skirting attached and inbuilt elastic fitted sheet. Read our story – How we start making customized Fitted Valance sheets.

Quilted Bed Covers which cover beds to the floor is also good alternative.

What Customer says about our bedskirts – 

Bed Skirt reviews 2 5.0 6.2 7.0 8.0 9 16.1

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