How to write review for our products


How to write review for our products

Its always good to get feedback and reviews from our customers as others will also know about us based on review for our products. You can write reviews in following ways. please write reviews as as many places as possible to spread words about us. we encourage our buyers to leave honest review and give them rewards as well for taking some time to leave review.

  • Reviews on ResellerRatings
    • click here Linensncurtains at resellerratingsr1
    • Click on write a review button
    • select starts you want to give
    • enter title and description for your reviews
    • enter order no and order date
    • give starts to optional questions below
    • Enter captcha
    • click Finish and share
    • drop us email that you have left review for your products.
  • Reviews on Facebookr3



  • Make video and send us
    • Use the product and make 1-2 minutes video with your phone / tablet about our product and speak on video your review / feedback and why did you like our product and send the video to us at pooj.avishnoi at gmail . com and we will share it on our social media.
  • Click photos and send us
    • Use product and click photos and send to us at pooj.avishnoi at gmail . com and we will share it on our social media.
  • Reviews on our site on product page
    • You can visit the product page for product you bought and want to leave review
    • You can also search the producy by entering product code in search bar from your invoicer4
    • click on write a review
    • enter your review and submit



  • Testimonials on our site
    • Mail us your feedback in 100 words with clicked photos and we will publish it at our site
  • Write on your own blog
    • Do you own blog? why not write a blog post for our products and give backlinks to us.
    • Drop mail to us.
  • Write on social media
    • You can write feedback on your facebook timeline, twitter or instagram and send us link so that we can share it on our social media.

Your review is important to us in growing further and with new product ideas. In exchange of your time for leaving honest review, we as a thanks note, give you reward points which you can later use in your next purchase.