Velcro Detachable Bed Skirt options

Velcro Detachable Bed Skirt

Velcro Detachable Bed Skirt options

We are giving velcro detachable options in all our bed skirts. If you want this option, you need to select velcro detachable options while buying bed skirt.

Velcro Detachable bed skirts are easy to use and launder. Detachable Dust Ruffle attaches with Velcro to a special dust ruffle platform that fits over your box spring. This provides both easy installation and use.

Because of the benefits like easy to use and launder and good at installation , velcro detachable bed skirt are good to use. More these gives an attractive look after being used.Velcro detachable options can be used in any bed skirt as per your comfort level .

Platform with velcro tape on its 3 side – front left and right will under the mattress. Its one time activity. After putting the platform under mattress, you can attach bed skirt with it as bed skirt top edge also has velcro tape. You can attach an ddetach it as and when needed.

Velcro detachable bed skirts can used in baby bedding also to decor baby bedding .Hence to give elegant look to your bed , if we have velcro detachable options and can change bed skirts time to time depending on our choice and pocket also.

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Velcro Detachable bed skirt


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Bedskirt Patterns