how to use a bedskirt with a footboard


“how to use a bedskirt with a footboard”

I have a bed with not only a headboard, but also a footboard, and side rails, which is much more restrictive than what I have been used to. and, please suggest what type of bedspread should i need for it. I want some with splits at the corners so the it can cover around the footboard.

–> Yes you need either bedskirt or bedspread with splits at corners so that i will fall all the way to floor to cover understorage.

Bedskirt will go under mattress and will have split corners. You can buy any bedskirt here and select split corner option.

Bedspread will also need splits at corners. You can check these ruffle bedspreads and we can do split corners for your bed as per your bed size and top to bottom drop length.

Do you know you can buy headboards and footboards separately? no i was not aware of and when i saw it here, i was surprized to know that yes you can buy headboard and / or footboard. No need to change whole bed