Type of Crib Skirts

Type Of Crib Skirts

Type of Crib Skirts

Crib Skirts can be of many types. We are categorizing them based on many features like

Size wise crib skirt

  • Standard crib – Standard crib comes in 52″ long and 28″ wide. Usually height is adjustable. three standard heights are 10″, 15″ and 20″ for different ages of baby.Type of Crib Skirts
  • Mini Crib – Mini crib comes in 38″ Long and 24″ wide.

Sides – Crib skirt can be 3 sided or 4 sided

  • 3 sided Crib Skirt – 3 sides will be one longer side and two shorter sides
  • 4 sided Crib Skirt- it cover all four sides of crib skirt


  • Straight – Straight bed skirts look goods in cotton and quilted patterns White cotton is most popular in this.
  • Pleated – Multi pleated bed skirts also looks good and made in cotton.
  • Ruffled – Ruffled bed skirts come in cotton, chiffon sheer lined, voile or in faux silk. These look awesome and being sold mostly in white or other bright colors
  • layered – layered bed skirts looks elegant and give a look to nursery with matching layered curtains or valance.
  • Ruffle edge Tailored – Ruffle is added at the bottom of tailored bed skirt to give frilly look. It comes in cotton
  • Ruffle edge ruffled – Ruffle is added at the bottom of ruffled bed skirt to give frilly look.
  • Fuller – Fuller bed skirts come in voile and in tulle tutu. Voile fuller crib skirts are 10:1 fullness and tulle crib skirts are 20:1 fullness with lining under it and can be done in any color or mix of colors

Fabric Wise – it comes in many fabric

  • Cotton – cotton is elegant and long lasting and many patterns can be done in this.
  • Chiffon – Its shabby chic fabric and ruffled and layered crib skirts are done to make crib skirts and curtains
  • Tulle – Tulle tutu is best choice for babies decor. tulle crib skirts and curtains looks pretty.
  • Voile – Voile fuller crib skirts look nice.
  • Faux Silk – Ruffle crib skirts also come in faux silk.


Adjustable height / Wrap around

  • Regular – Regular crib skirts with platform fabric with skirting attached on all sides are non-adjustable and come in standard sizes.
  • Tie straps adjustable height – Crib skirting panels comes with ties straps instead of platform base fabric and you can tie these with grid base under mattress. You can adjust height and tie accordingly. These works if your platform is grid based. if it is wooden then tie straps will not work.
  • Removable Layered Adjustable height – We do these in 4 layers with drop length of 20″. each layer is 5″ drop. bottom 2 layers are removable and can be attached with velcro. so it can be used as 20″ 15″ and 10″ drop crib skirt.
  • Wrap around tie strap – If your crib is circular or oval, you can buy tie strap crib skirt which can be wrap around the crib and tie straps on base grid.

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