Type of Bed Skirts

Type of Bed Skirts

Type of Bed Skirts

When picking out new bed linens we consider the comforter, the sheets and pillows. The bed skirt can be overlooked, but it really is one of the details that can tie a bedroom together. You don’t want to have a beautiful bedroom designed and furnished only to have the unsightly image of that brown metal bed frame visible.

That’s where the bed skirt comes in. There are a few important things to know about the different kinds of bed skirt options. Here is a rundown on everything you need to know about bed skirts and type of Bed Skirts.

Bed skirts (also called dust ruffles) serve two main functions: hide the unsightly box spring and whatever may be stored under the bed, and help to reduce the dust and dirt build up that happens under the bed. Countless designs of bed skirts have been made to match the bedding and/or the decor of a bedroom so that your bed skirt adds a decorative aspect to the space. Like window treatments, a bed skirt helps finish and bring together the design elements of a decorating scheme.

Styles of Bed skirt

There are two styles or Type of bed skirts, in general. There are pleated skirts, which are also called tailored, and there are ruffled skirts, also called gathered.

Ruffled Bed skirt:

The traditional option is the ruffled bed skirt. These are common on most bed skirts and have beenruffled-bed-skirts-for-your-da for years. Even today, the ruffled look is something that can be appealing for traditional bedroom designs. For a look that is classic and dressy, a dark colored ruffled bed skirt is a good option.

There are ways to make the ruffled bed skirt casual as well. Plaid patterns are one option. This can bring in a few color variations and can make a casual bedroom feel welcoming and calming. Those are two important qualities in a good bedroom.

Another type of ruffle bed skirt is ruffled layered bed skirt that features layers of overlapping cottonruffled layered blend ruffles. It may be 3 tier or four tier as per the designed. A romantic, sophisticated look for any bedroom.

Pleated Bed skirt:

 A second common choice is the Pleated bed skirt. There are pleated skirts, which are also calledsktNAT-504x418 tailored bed skirt. This has a more modern, sleek look. If the overall look and feel of the room is to have dark or light colors with focus on items like the comforter or curtains, a solid color tailored bed skirt will work well.

Pleated skirts can be shirred or box pleated. The pleated look is becoming a popular choice today. The straight lines of this bed skirt gives people the chance to cover up the bed frame while not brining too much attention to the floor. The bed skirt typically isn’t the focal point of the bedroom so something that seems “in its place” will allow people to glance over and look at the main features like a comforter or headboard.

Bed skirt is a great place to use an interesting pattern, stripe, plaid, check, or texture. This can either complement or contrast with other fabrics in the room.

A bed skirt made with heavy-textured fabric will keep its shape and stand fresh for a number of years. You’ll only need to take it off for cleaning. Fabrics like chenille, velvet, faux suede, and matelasse work well.

Variety of Bed skirts

The variety of bed skirts available in terms of design is truly endless. Bed skirts can be made from any fabric, and often are. There are suede, lace, brocade and velvet bed skirts. There are cotton, satin and silk bed skirts. Bed skirts are available in almost any color you can imagine, from the darkest to lightest hues. Often, bedding sets include a bed skirt that will match the exact pattern of the comforter and pillow shams. Bed skirts are chosen in both complementing and contrasting colors. A darker color will draw attention to the bed as the focal point of the room, especially if the bedding light in color. A lighter colored bed skirt will elongate the look of the bed, and if the bedding is light will blend into the space more.

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