What is Table Skirt /Table Skirting

Table skirt

What is a Table Skirt / Table Skirting ?

whiteTable skirts are used for draping a side table, end table, or other accent table with a table cloth to give the table a formal and elegant look. There are several possible uses for a table skirt, table skirts are often used at wedding receptions, birthday parties and press conferences. Table Skirt can make any table look great .



A table, when covered with a floor-length table skirt, adds to the personality and appeal of a room. A square or round table covered with a table skirt makes an attractive bedside table and give luxurious look to the room.  We can match with the theme of our bedroom or any room which will give a more appealing look to the room. 


tabel-cover-300x300It can be used to give a decorative look to a side table with shelving underneath it that doubles as storage is a practical piece of furniture. If a person prefers to hide the items being stored under the table, using a skirt is a decorative way to do that.

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Table skirting is also a good way to utilize furniture that may no longer match other pieces in your room or that has worn finishes but remains sturdy. By simply covering a table with a skirt that coordinates with drapery in the room. A bold-colored table skirt looks impressive on a hallway table.


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