How to make Pillow Insert yourself


How to make Pillow Insert yourself

Its one of the simplest task on this earth to make pillow insert yourself. For making pillow insert, you need fabric and fiber fill and zipper is optional as it is insert. Some people i saw add a zipper so that they can remove fiber and wash it time to time. So its your individual choice.

Fabric you can use any old sheet or else you can buy fabric here based on your choice or from ongoing sale. Fiber filling you will get here at Amazon. Zipper you can buy here.

  • Let’s say you want to make 18 X 18 pillow insert. For that you need 2 pieces of 19″ X 19″ fabric pieces keeping 1″ seeming allowance on each side.
  • Now place the one fabric piece over other and join edges.
  • Sew it to stitch together both pieces from 3 sides of edges.
  • On 4th side, sew it half and leave half opened to fill fiber in it.
  • Fill the fiber filling in the pillow. You can get fiber filling here at Amazon.
  • Set it with hand, move your hand inside and spread fiber uniformly in corners and center, toward edges and every where inside.
  • Once you are satisfied with its fullness, you can join edges together and sew with needle and thread by hand. Or else edge zipper on this opening.

Cover it up with pillow sham of your choice from LinensnCurtains where you can get pillow sham in any size you want, completely customized options.

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