Know more about bed skirt Pins


Know more about bed skirt Pins

Bed skirt pins are the pins which are used to place the bedskirt in place. Elastic bedskirts and wrap around bedskirts do not fix and keep falling down. There is always a challenge to keep the on place. So the solution is Bed skirt Pins.

Type of bedskirt Pins –

It comes in 2 types – Spiral single pin and Double Prong Pin.

  1. Spiral Single pin is small pin with single spiral which moved inside to get it fixed on place.
  2. Double Prong Pin comes with plastic body with 2 straight pins in it to fix the bedskirt.

If you ask me which one is better, i would prefer Double prong Pins as these are strong, durable and can hold bedding longer.

How many Pins are needed?

The closer you you put the better. I just explored sites and found that it comes in set of 8 pieces. so if you can put 1 at each corner, and 1 at center. 8 pins might work if bedskirt is very light weight and your bed is small … twin. Otherwise if you are using cotton bedskirts, or layered or fuller bedskirts, 1 or 2 pin on a side will not work. You should atleast have 3-5 pins on each side to keep it in place. So buy 3 or 4 sets of 8 pins set.

Where to Buy?

I visited many websites and found the most reasonable here at Amazon. Its the cheapest option as compared to all other websites. You can visit to see it yourself.

All our bedskirts have option of wrap around or elastic, you can select bedskirt of your choice and select option elastic or wrap around to buy. You can write to us for more.