How we made customized Fitted Valance Sheet

extra deep fitted valance sheet

How we made customized Fitted Valance Sheet

We have been specialized in making custom beddings and here we are telling you our story of how we start doing custom fitted valance sheet.

What is Fitted Valance Sheet –

Fitted valance sheet is fitted sheet with valance attached on its top edge and from inside it is elasticized to deep fit mattress. It can be made extra deep fitted valance sheet so that it work on all kind of mattress.

Custom Frilled Fitted Sheet with Valance –

One customer approach us for bedskirt but then she wanted fitted sheet also. She was asking if something can be done to make it as top cover with skirt. Other than that she wanted to order 1 fitted sheet. After so much of discussion, we came up with this idea of skirted sheet with inbuilt fitted sheet.

Next point was pattern of skirting. as we do custom options, we can add skirting in any pattern like ruffled, tiered, box pleat and in many fabrics like cotton, tulle, chiffon, voile etc. after seeing all options she choose chiffon layered skirting. and she opted striped sheet as top sheet frilled fitted valance sheet. She also ordered ruffle layered matching shams and 1 in contrast color to give her room look elegant. So it’s all in one fitted valance sheet.

We did it the way she want and she liked it very much.

Customers feedback –

She sent a mail saying:

You did such a great job. It couldn’t be more perfect. Exactly what we needed and no one else had it available. Wow, it came fast, too, in time for my kid’s 6th birthday next Tuesday! I am working on cleaning up that room, I will send high quality pictures in a few days.

What other brands are not doing –

Many brands and companies are doing this but we did not like them. Reason for not liking them is – it looks bed as skirt is attached on fitted sheet at bottom edge so skirting actually starts from bottom edge of mattress but that looks bad.

so we decided to add it at top edge of sheet so that it gives the look of bed cover and fitted sheet thing is hidden. so actually it is top sheet with inbuilt fitted sheet and skirting attached…. it can be said as complete bed set or bed cover as it includes fitted sheet and skirt as 1 single piece and gives look of skirted bed cover.

Some customers also want top sheet as quilted to give more rich look. even though it is a bit costly due to double layer of fabric, filler and efforts for quilting.

Photo of Tiered fitted valance sheet with striped top –

tiered Fitted valance sheet

We are doing it any size customer want as these are made on order products. and can attach matching or contrast color skirting and mix of colors depending on which color do you want.

Tips while buying fitted valance sheet –

  • Measure drop length from top of mattress
  • In case your mattress is more than 6″, keep us updated as we will do deep fitted sheet in that case.
  • What kind of skirting do you want? Tailored, pleated, ruffled, tiered, lace trim, colored trim and many more customization options.
  • Is you bed slat and you need split corners? You will get this option in product listing to choose that.
  • Do you want any other color or pattern and could not find it in our valance fitted sheet category, do not worry. as it is not possible to list all combinations here, jut let us know which pattern and color do you want and we will list it for you so that you can buy.

We are doing it in many colors, patterns and fabric. Just let us know how do you want it and we will do it the way you want. you can also show us images for reference. You can contact us through our contact us page.

Just visit out fitted valance sheet section. We keep adding new colors and patterns.

 Reader’s Comments – 

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