How to choose Perfect bed-skirts ?

Perfect bed-skirts

How to choose Perfect bed-skirts

Perfect Bed-skirts are designed to hide spring, bed’s box, or foundation. Perfect Bed-skirts are also very useful to hide the space under the bed used as storage. But one thing we know that for home decor bed-skirts offers a way to add  color, style and pattern to give a elegant look to the bedroom.

Perfect Bed-skirts can be tailored pleated, ruffled,  detachable and layered bed-skirts in all the colors matching with your bed-room theme.





There are several things to consider when you’re planning to buy a perfect  bed-skirts  for your bed.

  • Size:  It’s important to get the right size of perfect bed-skirts so that it will fit properly on your bed. Don’t guess your bed size and go for standard  perfect bed-skirts size available in the market. Bed springs, Mattresses and bed foundation may vary in size.
  • Drop Length: Always measure the drop length for your perfect bed-skirts. Drop length refers to the measurement from the top of the foundation to the floor. So, it will hide the box spring and bed foundation and there should be no space left between it so if we want we can use the place under our bed for storage if we want and we can easily hide anything kept under our bed.
  • gold-ruffled-bed-skirt_2_24Color: Bed-skirts are available in all colors of rainbow. You can select any color coordinating with your bedspread, your bed room color depending on your choice of selection. A solid color perfect bed-skirts would be a very versatile choice but if you want to go for light colors like yellow or white  make sure that you go for a heavy fabric and if fabric is light it should be lined so that light does not show through from under the bed.
  • Pattern: Bed-skirts come in different and  very attractive patterns like stripe, flowery print, checks, plain in various solid and lights colors and many more options are also available in market for perfect bed-skirts.

Some example to show how the choice of style and color can affect the overall look of your bed to make them perfect bed -skirts.

#Pic 1 is accented with a printed bedspread with a ruffle layered white bed-skirt. White Layered perfect bed-skirts with ruffled pillow covers and ruffled flat sheet accentuates the floral print on the bedspread, the colors coordinate with one another to create a wholesome  look.

images (7)

Pic# 2 bed-skirt is matched with the green theme of the bedroom. Perfect Bed-skirts  coordinates well with our bed room curtains, pillow shams, blanket and bed back panel. And white solid bed sheet, stripe and floral pillow shams complements to the beautiful light green pattern  of our bedroom.

ruffled bedskirt and throw

Pic# 3  the solid pleated bed-skirts  not only complements the print and the color, but at the same time does not distract from the gorgeous linens.  It creates an overall simple understated look, one of quiet elegance.


You can find a wide variety of colors and style in bed -skirts on