Elastic Wrap Around Bed Skirts

elastic around bed skirt

Where can I buy a Velcro detachable or Elastic Wrap around bed skirts?

I am looking for bed skirts which can easily get off without removing mattress. But all stores have bed skirts which lie over the box spring under the mattress. I hate moving my heavy mattress every time I need get off the mattress. I want the elastic wraparound kind. It would be great if it have split corners as I have a 4-poster bed. Any suggestions?

–> You can go for

  • velcro detachable bed skirts – These are attached with fabric platform with the help of velcro. You need to move the mattress first time only while putting it on. Later you just have to attach and detach without moving mattress. Its very easy to handle. and velcro long lasting as compared to elastic as elastic might loosen with time.
  • Elastic bed skirts – These are wrap around bedskirts with elastic tape on it. You can just wrap it around. You do not need to move your mattress even once. Easy to handle.

Any bedskirt can be split corner if asked by buyer at our store.

You can buy any of these bedskirts from our bedskirt section here and select velcro detachable option. For elastic bedskirts, just contact us and we will do it for you.