What to wear on this Valentine Day?

valentine day

Dressing Tips For Valentine Day

Valentine Day also called as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine a day of expressing love to each other. It is celebrated on 14th February. Every person have a different meaning and ways to celebrate this day. Some of them celebrate by organizing a candle light dinner or some present a gift as a token of love and many other ways to make special to each other.

With valentine day around the corner, its time to prepare yourself for this occasion. Not only the dress but color of the dress also matters a lot to express your feelings towards each other.

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Every color has its own meaning on this day

Green Color: Green color shows an impression that you are waiting for some one’s reply.

Red Color: Red color shows that you are already in love and you both love each other madly.

Blue Color: A color which invites love proposals is a blue color. It show that you are not in a relationship but ready to be in.

Orange Color: A best color for the person who is going to propose his or her love.

White Color : White Color indicates you are already booked and happy in your relationship.

Now it’s up you think twice before you dress up for this valentine day. Make sure that you dress up according mood and relationship. Hope you will enjoy your day.

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