DIY Layered Tulle Table Skirt


DIY Layered Tulle Table Skirt

In Last post we discuss how much tulle is needed for regular ruffled tulle table skirt. After receiving so many question regarding layered table skirt, i am here explaining how much tulle do you need and how to make layered table skirt

DIY Layered Tulle Table Skirt

  • Tulle fabric or pre-cut rolls of tulle. Let’s assume your pre-cut tulle is 6″ wide.
  • Base fabric of 30″ high and desired length. You can use your old sheet or buy it from fabric clearance sale
  • Measurement tape
  • Chalk
  • Scissor
  • Needle and thread / Ruffler to make gathers on tulle

Steps for DIY Layered Tulle Table Skirt

  • First decide how much long skirt do you want to make. Standard height is 30″ so we will keep it 30″.
  • Cut the lining fabric in 30″ wide and desired length.
  • We have to divide 30″ height into sections of distance apart 4″. Start from top edge and with chalk, mark at 4″ down ward. There will be 8 marks including top edge.
  • Now draw lines on each 4″ mark length wise.
  • create gathers on tulle stripes
  • Sew gathered tulle stripes on each marked lines.
  • Fold fabric from bottom and both sides
  • On top edge you can sew matching or contrast ribbon or diamante braid.
  • Your table skirt is all ready
  • You can make few decorative bows, petals or flowers and tuck these on table skirt.
  • You can attach this skirt with table using these reasonable price table skirt pins online.

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For 1 feet of skirt, you need 8 yards of precut 6″ wide stripe. so if you need 6 feet long table skirt, you can multiple it with 6 and calculate accordingly.

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