DIY Fabric Decorative Bows


DIY Fabric Decorative Bows

Bows play important part in our life. Whether its your kids dress or party decoration, you needs decorative bows to give it an awesome look. You can buy ready made bows in market. Or else you can try making it yourself. It is quite easy making bows but take your time.

Things needed –

  • Fabric – Stiff fabric or Satin fabric
  • Interface / Stiff fabric – with satin fabric, you need stiff fabric to insert
  • Sewing machine, thread, scissor, measurement tape

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Steps –

If you want to make 10″ wide bow, height of bow will be approx half or a little more than that of width so we will take it 6″

For making bow of 10″ X 6″ we will take 11″ X 13″ Fabric. Fabric should be either stiff or else you can insert stiff cloth inside it to keep it stiff.

Follow this diagram to make a bow –

DIY Fabric Decorative Bows









Cut a piece of 11″ X 13″ and fold it at line CD, Put stiff fabric of 11″ X 6.5″ over it if needed. Sew it from both open sides.

Turn inside out so that seams move inside. now fold the open side carefully inside and sew.

Now cut approx 2″ wide and 4″ long fabric piece and fold it at 2″ to make it 1″ and turn inside out to move seams inside. Now make its loop. You can wrap it around bow to measure how much loop is needed and sew it accordingly. You can also add velcro in case of permanent sew in case you want.

DIY Fabric Decorative Bows

Now wrap it around bow and your bow is ready.

You can make any size bow and use it on your kids dresses or table skirts, curtains etc.

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