DIY Crib Rail Cover

Crib Rail Cover

DIY Crib Rail Cover

Babies are God’s gift. Once babies grow-up, they start chewing the things like their toys, their crib rail covers etc due to teething. If you are afraid of their chewing habits, there are simple ways to get rid of their these habits. We brought crib rail covers to save the crib and also baby’s teeth.

What is a Crib Rail Cover?

Crib Rail Cover is a layer of fabric that cover the railing for your baby crib.

Crib Rail Cover

How to make the DIY Crib Rail Cover

It is very easy and cheap to make a DIY Crib Rail Cover. It is made with only 2 yards of fabric, 2 yards of quilted fabric backing, padding tacks and sewing thread pins. There are so many fleece colors you can select to meet with your crib or nursery dècor.

You can buy fabric of your choice here with a variety of colors, prints and options at at discount.


First Step : First you need to measure the crib. Use the measuring tape to figure out the length of the front of crib and sides of crib. Add 2 to 3 inches to for folding it. Now, you can determine the width you need to cover your crib’s railing.

Standard crib measurements are 28″ X 52″ so for long railing you need 52″ + 2″ for seam allowance and for shorter side you need 28″ + 2″ long fabric to cover railing. YOu can also add quilt batting to make it padded and ribbons to decorate.

Are you going to make it for mini crib? mini crib measurements are 24″ X 38″ so you can take fabric accordingly

If you have different width of your crib’s sides and front, then you need two different widths.

Second Step : Then you need to cut the fabric according to the length and width you saw in first step. Lay the fabric strips which have been cut, face down. Now, fold the sides up to half an inch and press it gently with the iron.

Third Step : The next step is to tie the rail cover on crib. Bow at one end and then tie the strips well-organized in the distance between the railings.

The DIY crib rail cover is simple and inexpensive solution to a common problem for parents. This DIY crib rail cover made the crib look good and it looks new for your second child.

Why should you use Crib Rail Cover

Crib Rail Cover

As your baby spends more time in crib, he or she surely chew the crib rails. Although, he or she is not able to bite the crib so they layer off the paint and tear off pieces of wood. You need Crib Rail Cover for two reasons:

  • You surely don’t want your child eating little pieces or layers of paint and wood, because it is hazardous.
  • A crib is usually a most expensive item you buy. Some of the cribs are so costly that they get passed down to family members. So you should preserve it.

You can get printed cotton fabric like polka dots, cartoons or any other print like stripes or chevron, quilt batting, decorating ribbons all at one place

Different types of Crib Rail Covers

Fabric Crib Rail Cover : Fabric Crib Rail Covers are the most popular covers. It does not only protect the crib from your baby’s teeth but also protects your baby from fall. It is commonly available in a wide range of sizes.

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Plastic Crib Rail Cover : Plastic Crib Rails Covers are transparent, which allows you to show off all looks of the new crib and also protect it from your baby’s teeth. It is simple and quick to install and clean.

Rubber Crib Rail Cover : Rubber crib rail covers are softer than plastic crib rails. Your baby will easily chew the rubber rail cover than plastic rail cover. It is simple and quick to install and clean.

If you ask me which one is better, i would suggest you fabric one as these are washable and hygenic for baby as compared to plastic or rubber.

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