Are all crib – skirts the same size?

crib - skirts

Can I use a standard crib – skirts  at any height, or is it only fit for the lowest or tallest height?

crib – skirts  come in many drop lengths from 5″ to 30″. Three standard drop lengths are 10″, 14″ and 21″ for different heights at different stages of baby.

What you can do is

– you can buy 3 different crib – skirts  with different drop lengths for each stage. But it would be quite expensive buying 3 crib skirts. then go for next option.

– You can opt adjustable option where in you will get tie straps at crib skirt which you can tie accordingly to grid after adjusting height.

Third option is – you can buy layered crib – skirts  where you can detach and attach layers to increase or decrease drop length of your crib. We are doing this to set these 3 drop lengths. You can attach layers with velcro and it looks ruffly and nice.

Let us know if you want it. As we love making creative things and are open for any kind of custom orders.


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Are all crib skirts the same size
Are all crib skirts the same size