Bed Skirt and Dust Ruffle

Bed Skirt and Dust Ruffle

Bed Skirt and Dust Ruffle

Do you know what is the difference between Bed Skirt and Dust Ruffle?? Both the terms have been reduced the effectiveness. Although, many people consider a bed skirt and a dust ruffle same type of accessory for bedding. While both are served for the same purpose that is to cover the area between the bedspread and floor.

They are quite similar. Literally, if you looked for a bed skirt or a dust ruffle in a store, you would be displayed the same product.


Similarities between Dust Ruffle and Bed Skirt

Why do people get disoriented between a bed skirt and dust ruffle? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Both make your bed gaze like that it is having a skirt.

  • Dust Ruffle and Bed Skirt both cover the pallets or base.

  • Both cover what is below your bed.

  • Both help restrain dirt from getting down the bed

  • They both can be helpful to appreciate the design of your bed.

What is a bed skirt?

A bedskirt is a piece of decorative or plain fabric (cotton, chiffon, silk, tulle and so on) that is placed between the comforter and floor. Formerly, bed skirts were used to hide the misshaped bed posts and springs. But now bedskirts are used for a new purpose.

It was found that a bed skirt is able to diverge dust and dust flecks, otherwise it would assemble underneath the bed. Bed skirt is laid over base or pallets. First, you need to pull out your cushion to place it. Once placed, the load of your cushion will grip the bed skirt in place.


What is a dust ruffle?

A dust ruffle is a piece of fabric that drops along the bottom edge of a bed. It serves broadly as a fancy piece, but also helps avoid dust from gathering underneath the bed.

On the other hand, a dust ruffle can usually installed without elevating your cushion. Many dust ruffles affix to the base or pallet with elastic. Mostly, these elastic dust ruffles are also called Fitted Bed Skirts.

In short, there is only terminological difference between a dust ruffle and a bed skirt. You can also called it platform valance.


Why should we use a Bed skirt or Dust Ruffle?

  • Bed skirts and Dust ruffles are an economical way to emphasize your bedroom without carrying to drop a mass of money on overpriced furniture.

  • If you have either an earlier bed frame or cushion base so you can hide it with a dust ruffle or bed skirt.

  • There is some space under the bed as depot? You can cover it from look with a Dust Ruffle or Bed Skirt.

  • Focussing to add a ravishing theme to your child’s bedroom? A dust ruffle or bed skirt is an economical way to give a bed more imperial look.

Different types of Bed Skirt or Dust Ruffle

  • Tailored : These bed skirts are one of the famous arranged and the simplest to manage. This design is matched with current bed sets.


  • Box Pleated : These are least popular style of bed skirt. Box pleated bed skirts are similar to drapes.


  • Layered or Tiered :  There are layers upon layers of texture in Layered or Tiered bed skirts. These friller look layered bedskirts are popular to use in decorating the room and to give your room a prince/princess room’s look.


  • Gathered or Ruffled : These Gathered or Ruffled bed skirts are grouped together into mini ruffles. This is another famous style easy to track down.