10 Things you should know about Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy pillow

You should know about Pregnancy Pillow

What is pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy is a phase of joy and happiness as well as you face physical changes in your body. and sleeping patterns and positions changes and sometimes you have to spends night tossing and turning in different positions. So its required to give comfortable position to the body, pregnancy pillow come in pictures.

These are larger and longer than regular pillows and use to give comfort to complete body from head to toe.

Why do you need a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillow helps to get better sleep during your pregnancy. Due to many body and shape changes, your body parts need support in various positions and pregnancy pillows help support body to get comfortable nights with better sleeps.

Doctors usually recommend pregnancy pillow from 4th month onward. and seventh month onward it becomes one of the most important part of your sleeps.

It is also noted that woman who do not use pregnancy pillow start feeling pain in their hips while get up in the morning. It is always better to use pillow to give yourself comfortable pregnancy period.

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Benefits of using pregnancy pillows –

  • It eases blood circulation with the support of pillow in proper position. Pillows are soft and cushion and give body and growing belly support.
  • It prevent body pains. Pelvic pain and lumbar pain is common during pregnancy and increase with time so it is advisable to use pillows to prevent that pain.
  • Longer sleeping times because of comfortable position and lesser body pains. The more comfortable you sleep, the more healthier you and your baby will be.
  • It can also be used after your delivery to position yourself and your baby during breastfeeding and will make your life easier.

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Type of pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillow come in many shapes and sizes and based on every individual’s need, pillow can be choosen. I am briefing about most popular type of pregnancy pillow.

C shaped Pregnancy pillows

It is one of the common pregnancy pillow and available at very reasonable rate in the market. It provides support to shoulder and head at the top of the C and at the same time support legs at the bottom.

J Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

It is actually more of body pillow but some woman find this comfortable during their pregnancy and use it as pregnancy pillow. These are curved only at one end.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

It gives support to front and back of your body while you sleep in side position and is most popular and used pregnancy pillow. as its shape is same on both side, woman can sleep on her both sides position using this pillow.

The Wedge Shaped Maternity Pillow

These are least common type of pregnancy pillows as they do not provide support to head and back. But it can be used in combination with other pregnancy pillows to get additional support. These comes in two shapes – round and triangular pregnancy pillow

Other pregnancy pillows

Tips –

You can use removable washable pillow cover over pillow to keep pillow clean and hygienic. We at linens’n’Curtains do any shape pillow covers as per your need. you can contact us to know more.

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